We Create Interactions

SmartTags is a vehicle for real-life interactions.

Our platform enables connecting everyday objects to internet through us, users.

Customer Case: UFF

UFF to digitalize their collection with SmartTags (in Finnish)

Use Case: Municipalities

Resident and visitor friendly cities that almost maintain for them selves

Use Case: Hotels

Go extra-mile, go digital to even further improve visitor experience

Use Case: IT Support

Asset tracking of IT devices

”With SmartTags, we get valuable live input. It creates a new kind of interaction with end-user.”

Allowing end-user to interact with your organization by allowing easy communication method they can let go of their grievance and become valuable source of information to improve what needs to be improved.

We have one goal: Ease of use. Direct feedback, no additional steps. This way, both the user and the outputted data are happy.

How can we help?

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